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The Way is a Way of Life

Think small group ministry with a deeper, more intentional, 9 month commitment, exploring what it actually means to love God with all of your heart and all of your mind … Continue reading

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Being the CHURCH with children who are caught in the middle of divorce

I’ll never forget pushing the “message” button on the phone in my office only to hear the voice of Tom, a member of my home congregation, saying “Peggy, I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Advent Resources: Trading Up on Traditions

Is Advent a big deal, a not-so-big deal or dead in the water? Or another way of saying this is, “How does the birth of Jesus Christ shape our holiday … Continue reading

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A Vision from the Wine Country Worth Thinking About

My husband and I took our youngest son, Matt (a grad student in San Francisco), with us on a visit to the wine country in California, and after our first … Continue reading

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Live Messengers- can you help?

Getting the word out has always been a big deal.  Did you know that the ancient Incan’s had these guys (known as Chasquis) who would run (literally run!) messages from … Continue reading

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The 4 Most Important Leadership Tips I Learned Hiking the Inca Trail

You are not in as good of shape as you think you are! Guides and porters are not optional Listening to poles, friends and generations matters It really is only … Continue reading

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Being a Healthy Leader

“As people of faith, we’re called to steward all our gifts, including our bodies, relationships, money, and more. That means living well and caring for ourselves fully in mind, body, … Continue reading

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Cultural Immersions – A Priority for Christian Leaders

The diversity in our world, and the opportunity for mission, speaks for itself – all Christian leaders need to invest time in cultural immersions.   This is not just a bold … Continue reading

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What is different between growing congregations and all the others?

After listening to over 85 pastors and 100 lay leaders in the past 10 months I can honestly answer this question.  The answer is:  (drum-roll, please!) Growing congregations have BOTH … Continue reading

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Validation: Fully-human

If you visit our home and stay long enough, you may notice a quote in our guest bathroom that reads: “Everybody’s normal until you get to know them!” This tiny … Continue reading

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The Way of Life. How will you live?

With a tagline like “Living every day as a disciple” LEAD is clearly not your average leadership organization!  In the business world, leadership often looks like managing power, so it … Continue reading

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Moore, Oklahoma and the Llama syndrome

Our hearts are breaking because we know only too well the heartache of natural disaster.  We can feel the panic, grief, numbness and displacement in our souls for the people … Continue reading

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Slowing down for timeless peace – The LEAD Disciple Frame is already ours, don’t lose heart!

Truth be told, I have over 200 books on leadership in my study.   Add another 50 or so if you count the ones on management and even more if you … Continue reading

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