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Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber: Speaks the truth in love

People are showing up all over the country to hear Pastor Nadia speak. Her book is wildly popular. Her message is compelling and clear. Her approach is refreshing and a … Continue reading

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Introducing SELAH: A Gap Year Experience

This fall LEAD and Lutherhill Ministries will partner to launch a gap year program for young adults. The Hebrew word for “pause” or “take a breath” gives inspiration to this 9-month immersion experience for … Continue reading

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Part 2: Are you Learning to Lead or Leading to Learn?

Ronald Heifetz, in his book, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, says the biggest error leaders make is applying technical means to solve adaptive challenges. When we do this, we are unlikely … Continue reading

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Part 1: Are you Learning to Lead or Leading to Learn?

How you answer this question can help you clarify whether you are currently more focused on technical or adaptive challenges. Technical changes mean doing what you are currently doing better. … Continue reading

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Is THAT church too?

Have you ever considered that the everyday things you do in your life are likely to be as much a part of your faith pilgrimage as going to worship on … Continue reading

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Soon we will set out

by Amy Gulliksen “Soon we will set out. Not to escape our lives but to catch up with them… We will travel in the well-worn footsteps of centuries of pilgrims, … Continue reading

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Can we talk?

… about being marked with the cross of Christ?  Don’t stop reading this just because the idea leaves you cold.  It’s hard, even a little uncomfortable, for most of us … Continue reading

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Faith Growth-Spurt

“Although we don’t have a good explanation for it, children seem to grow fastest in the summer and slowest in the fall,” says Joseph Gigante, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics … Continue reading

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Your opinion please: Are these the top 4 values for Christian Leaders?

Check out the list of values below and ask yourself “do these values get at the core of Christian leadership?” Values can inspire action and shape culture. A value system … Continue reading

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Do you want more from a New Year than walking in circles?

Really, do we want one more passionate resolution that fades away in a few months? As leaders, we can do better than this! With a little intentionality, we can create … Continue reading

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How do leaders defeat despair and overwhelming stress?

Every leader knows that lump-in-the-throat, knot-in-the-stomach feeling of anxiety that are indicators of our stress level spinning out of control. Successful leaders find that the more influence they have, the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gratitude: Thanks be to God for my Blood-Family

Our family is messy, and to say the least, very interesting.  (Check out this article from the NY Times – it’s not just my family!) “The Changing American Family”  Family … Continue reading

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A one day formation event for leaders of all ages who will influence others brought to you by LEAD MARCH 22, 2014 9:00am – 2:30pm For: Students, Adults, Pastors, Church … Continue reading

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