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Urgent Call to Prayer

Call to Prayer

image by Vonda Drees

LEAD is encouraging all people of faith to respond in prayer to the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors and their families. These children should not be misrepresented as adult migrants looking for work, they are the result of desperate parents, corrupt traffickers, and hope.  As people of faith, our traditions have taught us that out of crisis comes promise.  Please invite everyone you know to pray for this global reality as the most vulnerable among us beg the world for help.  We offer these prayer petitions that may be used during worship or for your own personal prayers.


Prayer Petitions

We remember in prayer Jochebed, who in hope and desperation sent her baby,

Moses, away from her into an unknown future. We pray for all parents who are

forced into this terrible situation. Give them hope. Give them peace. Give them comfort.


Also, we remember Moses, who was rescued and nurtured and became one of your

greatest leaders. Comfort all children who are orphaned or separated from

their families. Help us to assist and nurture those whom we find in need. 


And we remember Pharaoh’s daughter, who used her influence and power for good. Inspire us to use our own influence and power to craft creative and compassionate solutions to the problems of our time. Be with our elected officials. Surprise them with creative solutions and wisdom that might possibly raise up new leaders for your kingdom.


Loving Father, you know what is like to entrust your only son to others, hoping that he would be cared for and nourished. Give hope and peace to all parents everywhere and in all times who have had to suffer this separation. 

Jesus, you taught us to have compassion on everyone, even little children. Bless all children who are orphaned or separated from their caregivers. Give them courage, knowing that your hand is leading them and your love supporting them.

Holy Spirit, give wisdom, compassion and vision to our elected officials. Help them to weave creative solutions to difficult problems.

Triune God, live in our hearts. Help us to be your eyes and your hands so that we see what might be done for others who are in need and accomplish that, so that Your kingdom comes.


Creator God, we come to you for help in creating a compassionate and loving solution to a complicated problem. Many children are arriving at our doorstep, sent by grieving and desperate parents. We cry to you for creative wisdom at this time. Be with us as we struggle with solutions and guide our thoughts and actions while we find our way through this tragedy. Inspire our elected officials with new ideas and new plans which will be thoughtful and compassionate and innovative solutions. Help us to see what we can do to be your hands today. In Jesus’ name we pray. 

Prayer Petitions by Lynn Willis



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