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Today is Our Now

DP Word Cloud

by Cindi Scruggs

The 11th Disciple Project was held at Texas Lutheran University (TLU) in Seguin, Texas, June 23-27, 2014.  The word cloud pictured above was developed from the attendees’ wish list of what they want to change in the world.  It is a beautiful visual look at our week.  If you were able to join us, here is a poem in celebration of the week!  If you were not, we wish you had been there!

Today is Our Now! 

Disciple Project.  Time to worship, sing and pray,

Play, learn games, work together, 

Work alone, 

Gather new knowledge,

Learn about the world,



Live without sleep,

Tune-in to our neighbors, build virtual hamburgers,

What is first the jar or the pickle? 

New ways to worship, think, lead.

Challenged to tackle a task to improve our world. 

Today is our now. 

We are off to great places, off and away we go!

We have new knowledge and paths to trod.

Each on our own to decide which way to go.

So when things start to happen with all this new skill,

Don’t worry, just go and do.

Go out and move mountains.  You are on your way.

The mountains are waiting. Start moving today.

Timothy Siburg

Many thanks to the outstanding Leadership Team, the students that joined us, and of course our partnership with TLU.  Once again the Disciple Project Band fed our hearts and souls with music to treasure.  To read what attendee Timothy Siburg has to say about his first Disciple Project experience, click here to check out his blog.

LIKE our Disciple Project Facebook page to see videos and photos from this year and to be the first to know information about future events.  Next year, there will not be a Disciple Project as we will all gather at the National Youth Gathering, Rise Up Together, in Detroit, Michigan on July 15-19, 2015!  Click on Rise Up Together to go to the ELCA Youth Gathering web site right away and watch our email and the LEAD Facebook page for details on this exciting triennial event!

Special thanks to the following.

Our tremendous cast of track leaders who made it a memorable week.

The Core Planning Team – this group worked all year long to make this happen!

  • Community Life Team Leader – Ariel Williams
  • Disciple Project Coordinator – Rev. Mike Widner
  • Disciple Project Coach – Beth Hartfiel

Mark your calendar now.  See you next year in Detroit!


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