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Introducing SELAH: A Gap Year Experience

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This fall LEAD and Lutherhill Ministries will partner to launch a gap year program for young adults. The Hebrew word for “pause” or “take a breath” gives inspiration to this 9-month immersion experience for young people. Selah invites young people to take time out of their lives to explore servant leadership, deep faith practices, and live in an authentic community with peers.

Selah will create a customized internship experience designed to help interns follow their passions and develop skills for their lives after the program ends. Each internship will be directed by a mentor who will help the intern create and execute a project for their organization. Internships are available in areas such as urban poverty, mental health, youth ministry, music ministry, camping programs, rural poverty, business administration, immigration, literacy, sexuality and more.

Participants will live in intentional community with their peers at one of our sites in Houston or La Grange where they will develop faith practices, leadership skills, and discern where God has called them to serve in the world. The Selah Program focuses on places where identity formation and discipleship intersect to create a personal sense of call and vocation for the future. Practically speaking, this means living in shared housing with communal meal planning, weekly Bible study, daily devotional practices, and regular retreats as a Selah team.

Halfway through the Selah experience, the intern team will travel to El Salvador to enter into a new culture, to expand your view of God, and receive the gifts and stories of the Salvadorian people. During this trip, participants will learn about poverty, agriculture, the history of El Salvador and participate in the ministry of Camp Hope day camp.

During the nine months of service, interns will experience faith through the LEAD Disciple Frame to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength in the following ways:

  • HEART (immersion) – During the 9 months of service, interns will be immersed in the community of Selah as they live communally. Next, they will engage in relationships with the organizations served during the internship. Finally, interns will experience a cross-cultural immersion experience through the trip to El Salvador.
  • SOUL (spirituality) – Daily personal devotion, weekly Bible Study, and guest speakers will inspire Selah interns to regularly see God’s sacred presence breaking into the world, to make space for intentional time with others and yourself, and to focus on personal spirituality through prayer and quiet time that will turn the focus back to God.
  • MIND (learning) – Engage with guest speakers, books, videos, and to learn more about social justice issues locally, nationally and on a global scale. Daily activities at the internship site will provide hands-on learning as interns work to complete projects.
  • STRENGTH (resources) – By the end of the Selah Experience, interns will be equipped with skills that will translate into future vocations. The Selah Experience includes time for reflection and discernment that allows participants to seek their own vocation and will help connect each intern to networks and resources for their future.

We invite you to pray for the young people who are called to dedicate nine months of their lives to service learning and self-discovery. Do you know someone who should be part of this program? Or would you like to support the Selah interns by mentoring or offering a scholarship to one of the participants? Please visit our website or contact Kristen Krueger for more details. The Selah gap year program is for young adults over the age of 21. Applications are due April 20.


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