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Is THAT church too?

Is THAT church tooHave you ever considered that the everyday things you do in your life are likely to be as much a part of your faith pilgrimage as going to worship on Sunday mornings?  We can learn as much about God from a trip to the doctor, or from a conversation with a child as we can from hearing the gospel preached from a pulpit.  In fact I would go so far as to say that when we open ourselves up to noticing the sacred in the everyday parts of our life, our Sunday (or anytime of the week) worship becomes deeper and more consequential. Vibrant Faith Ministries has been teaching this for years when they claim “Home is Church too!”

In her book, “An Altar in the World” Barbara Brown Taylor raises among others, the question, “Do we build God a house so that we can choose when to go see God?  Do we build God a house in lieu of having God stay at ours?”

In the changing world in which we live, I believe that Christian leaders need to be asking serious questions about tuning in to God’s presence in the world that may have nothing to do with “going to church.”   In many ways this is an invitation into ancient faith practices that have been with the followers of Christ all along.

Personally, I have had some of my most meaningful God-moments in prayer while walking through my neighborhood, through rural El Salvador, or Africa.  I have felt God moving through conversations in my covenant group or while sitting in the hospital.  This kind of experience doesn’t “count” as worship in the usual box, but in my heart, I cannot dismiss these as vital to a life of faith.

As leaders, we can’t “program” these moments, but we can invite an awareness that “God is in the place.”  Measuring success will look more like sharing sacred stories than traditional metrics.  Congregations can make space in their life together that not only increases sensitivity to God’s movements but also encourages story sharing so that we can give voice to the church that is happening 24-7.  Imagine starting a meeting with “Where have you seen God today?” as an agenda item.


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