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Soon we will set out

Soon we will set outby Amy Gulliksen

“Soon we will set out. Not to escape our lives but to catch up with them… We will travel in the well-worn footsteps of centuries of pilgrims, to find food for our journey as companions of Christ.”

Our journey for justice has already begun. It began long ago with gifts of manna, and promises of milk and honey, and parables of abundance. Through our baptism, we are a thread in the tapestry made up of those who come before us and those who will come after us. This tapestry has also been called the Kingdom of Heaven-a world in which all are valued, all are loved, and all are fed. How will we answer the call to weave our generation into God’s art piece?

LEAD’s upcoming Hunger Journey: A Place at the Table strives to create opportunities to take this question seriously, and to foster a space where answers are sought after. We will travel to New Orleans, and learn from local organizations like VIET, a resource center for minorities in Louisiana, Communities in Schools, who give support to struggling students, and a local community garden that alleviates the lack of fresh produce available in inner cities. We will also hear from Texas Impact, an advocacy group working for just policies, and specialists on domestic and global poverty from ELCA World Hunger.

Set out with us. Look critically at poverty, food insecurity, and injustice in our own communities. This is not a weekend service project. It’s something much bigger. It’s a spark. A ripple. A trigger. Christ himself told the story of Lazarus, the forgotten beggar outside the gates of the rich man. Who have we overlooked in this day? Who are we called to welcome to the Feast?

 Amy Gulliksen

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