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Marked by the cross

… about being marked with the cross of Christ?  Don’t stop reading this just because the idea leaves you cold.  It’s hard, even a little uncomfortable, for most of us to talk about our faith in Jesus, probably because

  1. we don’t want to be associated with Bible-thumpers,
  2. we don’t really have a working language to describe our faith (unless we use the words from the Bible-thumpers that we resist) and
  3. we never really practice at church, much less anywhere else.

Vocabulary used to describe religious emotions, practices and sacraments are missing in our everyday language.

This Lent, LEAD wants to start a conversation about what it means to be people who have been marked with the cross of Christ through the waters of our baptism.   We want to hear you describe this on Facebook, Twitter, in your faith community and at the kitchen table.  We are making this an international conversation, inviting our friends from across the world to join us.

When we eat at a great restaurant, we tell our friends, right?  We “check-in” on Facebook.  We tweet about the experience.  We may even try to reverse-engineer the new dish we tried while eating out so we can cook it again at home.  Let’s do this with the less-visible-than-we-realize cross on our forehead.  This is personal and public.  What does being marked with the cross of Christ mean to you?

As a Lenten practice this year, please take on the discipline of reflecting on the cross by joining the conversation.  Your contributions can come in a variety of forms:  in words, in visual images like art or photography, in music, or whatever creative outlet expresses your thoughts.  In the spirit of God’s love and grace, we won’t judge contributions to the dialog.  This is not a theological test, it is simply a chance to wonder together – does being marked with the cross of Christ mean anything at all?  Did your parents do this to you and now you are left with little to say?  If so, you may find language in what others say.

The conversation begins on Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014. “Like” LEAD on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  Or start your own conversation someplace else and tag us.  Take a video of yourself or others talking about what it means to be marked with the cross of Christ.  Not on social media?  Send an email to LEAD@waytolead.org or talk face to face with people around you.  Try this at home with your family. This is a call to action.     

Please check out our video to start the conversation!


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