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Do you want more from a New Year than walking in circles?

Going in circlesReally, do we want one more passionate resolution that fades away in a few months? As leaders, we can do better than this! With a little intentionality, we can create momentum to inspire faith in Jesus and to grow a congregation in mission. It takes a real plan so we don’t just end up frustrated from spinning our wheels, getting caught in the emotional spiral of power struggles and personal needs that distract us from the destination God is calling us towards. No doubt about it, without a plan for our own lives and a strategic plan for our ministry we are stuck.

The fresh start of a New Year is really a gift that we can use to shift our own behaviors as leaders to build sustainable movement instead of a false start. None of us need one more first-of-the-year burst of enthusiasm only to be followed by a fast burn-out before its even summer. But what kind of plan will it take to make the good-will we feel stick?

Glad you asked!

From personal experience, it takes four things to make a plan work. Each of these can be described in terms of the Disciple Frame.

  1. Personal passion for the plan. No exception. This is a must. Don’t bother with plans you don’t really care about it – the plans aren’t worth the paper you write them on without heart.
  2.  A willingness to practice some self-discipline. The rider has to manage the elephant (read SWITCH by Heath & Heath!) so that our head overcomes our emotions and tends our relationships. This is soul work.
  3. A clear destination. You’ve heard it before – “if you don’t know where you are going…” Vision grows from the heart to a future picture with the end in sight by using your best thinking or your best mind.
  4. Accountability. This is a sign of strength, not weakness. Everyone needs people who know our plans (you have to say it out loud!), people who will do it with us (partners), and people who will ask how things are going (metrics). Ultimately these are the resources that produce the strength needed to accomplish the vision. Short-cuts don’t work

Click here to use this worksheet to help you think through the steps of making a plan for your community or check out the MAP to make your personal plan for the New Year. Either way, make 2014 a year that moves beyond best intentions to actual results. Then, do more than ponder – get going! The hard work is worthwhile because the road ahead is really part of your faith pilgrimage. LEAD is here to be a thinking-partner with you, to help you connect to colleagues who are on the same path or to help you search for resources. You don’t want to miss this trip!


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